Please read this page to understand how to use these picons.

The picons on this website are for Hispasat and full motor.  The logos and references are up to date. If it happens that they aren't, contact me to let me know.

If you are here you probably already now what picons are and how to install them.
You will find both snp and srp versions. The snp version means "service named picons" and the logos are named with the name of the channel (example: sicradical.png). The srp versions means "service reference picons" and the logos are named with  the reference of the channel (example: 1_0_1_160_67_53_CE40000_0_0_0.png).
To install the ipk version, you download it and transfer it to your satellite receiver via ftp and install the extension. You can find better instructions than these with a quick online search.
The hardlink.tar.xz version is just an archived folder with all the logos inside. It can be extracted using 7zip or similar software. You then transfer it via ftp to your satellite receiver to the appropriate folder.
Do not install the symlink.tar.xz version if you don't know what symlinks are.

Downloading options

There are lots of options to download. There are 3 versions for each size. When choosing you will see the following as examples:
In the name there is the type and size. 400x240 means the full logo size. 370x210 is the size of the logo not including the padding.
As previously mentioned, install the ipk or hardlink version.


You can contribute if you want by clicking at the top on the source. It will take you to the project page on Github. Make sure you read the rules and only use English as the language. You can also open an issue if there are picons missing or anything else regarding the project.